taboo stories the wickedness rachel steele

mbitious and money grubbing Rachel sees an opportunity to take control of a very successful family owned business. She is fiancee of the owner who has a college aged son and daughter. The siblings hold half the stock in their name. She invites them for drinks with the aim of getting them to sign over

taboo stories the wickedness rachel steele

Once upon a time in a small village in Ireland there lived a young farmer Colm. He met an American woman Rachel, who was backpacking through Europe. They fell in love hard and fast. Rachel spent all her time with Colm on his farm. They laughed and loved. Rachel began to worry about her visa running out but Colm thought love would prevail. One sunny afternoon Colm prepared a romantic picnic for them in the woods. Rachel looked beautiful as the sun set, her piercing green eyes and warm red hair, Colm was in love. He proposed to her that day and she accepted. He put a beautiful antique ring on her finger. Rachel accepted and they made love on the blanket. Little did they know that she would discover she was pregnant from their picnic love making. They were both so happy. They took long walks every afternoon when the work was done. She gave birth to a son, they named him Sean. They spent the afternoons walking the fields or making love. Colm finished early and came in one afternoon. Rachel wanted him as soon as she walked in the door. She pulled him down on her and kissed him deeply. She opened his pants and pulled out his cock. She had him stand and sucked him. He was immediately hard. She pulled out her lucious breasts and he fondled them. He stroked his cock between her tits. She told him to put on a condom before they made love. Little Sean had just been born and she did not want to get pregnant again. Colm’s family knew about Rachel and for religious reasons they did not approve. They thought she would leave because of her visa but she was still with him. Colm’s father had enough. He called Colm on the phone to forbid the relationship to continue. Rachel lay with her head in his lap as he argued with his family. What a terrible way to end an afternoon right after they finished making love on the couch. He refused to let her go and told them if he had to choose it would be her! Rachel did not want Colm to destroy his life there for her, but she too loved him with every part of her being and his sacrifice only made her love stronger. Rachel and Colm had forgotten about the visa, but his family did not. The birth of the illegitimate was the last straw. They tipped off the INS. An INS officer came and took Rachel away. Their son was sent to the convent to be raised. Rachel sent letters to Colm but most of them were intercepted. Writing those letters was always a bitter sweet experience. Rachel remember happier days in Ireland. She flashed back to that afternoon on the picnic where she and Colm conceived Sean. She finished her letter and laid her head down for a cry. The few he managed to get he snuck into the convent and slipped them under his son’s door. He wanted Sean to know of his American mother.

Rachel and Stacie were sisters. Outwardly they appeared very elegant and respectable. Inwardly they were greedy and devious. A few days ago, their estranged brother had died, leaving his entire fortune to his son, Franklin. Rachel and Stacie were angry that they had not received a cent of it. But they had a plan. Although they had not seen their young nephew for many years, they now dropped in on him unannounced – determined to manipulate into him giving them some of his inheritance. Franklin, however, turned out to be very stubborn. He was suspicious of his aunts from the start. The timing of their visit was far too convenient. Besides, his father had told him plenty about their cunning ways. Rachel and Stacie petitioned their nephew hard, but nothing – not even their charm, wit and advice – had any effect on him. Franklin was his own man – despite being strongly taken by the glamour and sexiness of his aunts. After granting them the use of the guest room for a few days, he coolly excused himself and went to bed. Rachel and Stacie were left openly frustrated. Plan A had failed. They needed to work out what made Franklin tick. What weakness did he have that they could exploit? The next day, while their nephew was out, they searched his room for clues about his character. Under his bed they found what they were looking for: a heap of porno magazines featuring older women. The signs were that the young man used them often. Now Rachel and Stacie knew exactly what approach they needed to take. In their guest room, they stripped out of their conservative attire – down to their bras, panties and hose – and donned their most figure-hugging, leg-showing, cleavage-revealing dresses. Both women suffered a brief pang of prudishness when they saw how revealing their new outfits were. Then they thought of the money they stood to gain – and all doubt disappeared. The next time they met Franklin, Rachel and Stacie once again tried to talk him into making them a large payment. They were sweeter to him than ever. They flirted with him and continually flashed him the cleavage of their lovely big tits. But Franklin was just as unmoved as before. In light of their second failure, Rachel and Stacie realized that they would have to go to extreme lengths to win their nephew over. They had to have that money! A few days later, they prepared for a decisive showdown with Franklin. They had gone through a closet used by their brother’s ex-girlfriend and found out the sexiest outfits they could. Neither of them had ever worn anything so tight and revealing. Rachel even went without panties. After a stiff drink to steady their nerves, the two sisters headed off for their make-or-break meeting. Franklin was at last effected when he saw his aunts. They looked incredibly hot and stylish. When they asked him once again for the money, he found himself hesitating for the first time. But finally he got a grip of himself and managed to decline their request. For a moment Rachel and Stacie appeared to accept defeat. Then they exchanged a knowing look with each other – and the games began. While Franklin sat in disbelief, his aunts moved in on him. They pulled out his cock and began to stroke it. The young man knew he should put a stop to it, but the women were just too hot to resist. It had always been his fantasy to get it on with an older woman. Now he was getting two at once! Rachel and Stacie knew they were getting the better of their nephew, and they did not let up. First Stacie stroked his cock and then hungrily sucked it as deep as she could. Meanwhile, Rachel gave Franklin an eyeful of her body – pulling out her tits and playing with them, hiking up her skirt and rubbing her naked pussy. Every now again, they would ask him anew to sign his money over to them. Franklin’s resistance was weakening by the second. Having further sweetened up their nephew by letting him fondle hers and Stacie’s tits, Rachel decided to suck him off for herself. She worked his cock between her lips with expert sensuality until he was groaning with pleasure. To both sisters he now appeared ready for the taking. So they made Franklin their final proposal: If he signed his money over to his aunts, he would get to fuck their hot pussies – then and anytime in the future. It was too much of a temptation to Franklin, and he readily agreed. The aunts did not delay meeting their part of the bargain. In moments Stacie was on her back, legs spread wide, moaning loudly as her nephew pounded his big, virgin cock deep into her pussy. She praised him and talked dirty to him constantly as he went on to take her even harder in the doggy-position. Rachel was equally enthusiastic when it came her turn to fuck her nephew. Just like her sister, she loved being pounded from behind with her nephew’s thick long, cock. Following a quick pause where she and Stacie gave Franklin another sensual blowjob, Rachel lay on her back and enjoyed another delicious fuck. By then she was saying the most explicit things to her nephew – begging him to flood her pussy with his cum. Franklin was only too happy to give his aunt what she wanted. With a lurch he blasted deep inside her. Rachel cooed at the feel of it, and she rubbed her soaked pussy with wicked satisfaction. Afterwards, both she and Stacie jerked, licked and sucked Franklin’s cock one more time. The virile young man was able to give them another heavy load of cum – which they took in their open mouths, over their tongues, and on their faces. The sisters finished up by sharing it in a long wet kiss. Shortly after, a very happy Franklin went to the office to sign his money over to his aunts. Meanwhile, Rachel and Stacie took stock of the situation. They could hardly believe the depraved things they had just done. But both agreed it was worth it for the money. Rachel even had an ace up her sleeve: Franklin had cum inside her during her most fertile period. If he had made her pregnant, everything would be hers.

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He licked and fingered her dripping wet pussy. She resumed sucking his cock while he explored her breasts. They made slow sweet love until Robert exploded on Rachel’s open mouth and face. Rachel could not remember the last time she fucked like that and with her son there was love too! Now she felt like she could stand her marriage and go on.

Rachel’s son in law is an IT guy fixed her laptop and brought it back. But the problem was he saw Rachel’s intimate video with her neighbour’s son and blakcmailing her to do whatever he says otherwise he will share the video with Rachel’s daughter.

Brent started to walk into the kitchen and saw what was going on. He quickly stepped back but continued to watch from around the corner. Rachel’s brother stood her up and bent her over the kitchen counter. He slid his cock into his sister’s pussy and banged her hard. Brent continued to watch his mother and uncle fuck. He shot his load in her and pulled up his pants. She begged him to talk to Brent to try to stop this cycle of ncest. Later that morning Brent went back into the kitchen. Rachel was ready for work and getting ready to leave. Brent confronted her about what he saw. He told her that it turned him on and that he wanted her to blow him. He started pressuring her and she raced from the room into her bedroom. He followed her into her room and begged her to blow him. He just wanted to feel what it was like. He pulled out his cock as she continued to object. She looked down and saw how big his cock was. She involuntarily reached down and felt his cock. As she dropped to her knees she told him that it was only going to happen this one time. She slid as much of his cock into her mouth as she could manage. He was in heaven. He convinced to undress because it was so hot in there.

mbitious and money grubbing Rachel sees an opportunity to take control of a very successful family owned business. She is fiancee of the owner who has a college aged son and daughter. The siblings hold half the stock in their name. She invites them for drinks with the aim of getting them to sign over control of their stock to Rachel. She hires a con man named Aaron who she has had dealings with in the past to pose as her son. His job is to work on the daughter. The separate the two and go to work. The son is easy as Rachel teases him into signing his stock over before they have fantasy stepmother sex. She flirts with him until she can tell he is ready. She stands up and slowly strips off her clothes. This move takes him by surprise but he does not really have a chance. She tells him that his father travels a lot and is not always there to take care of her needs. As she tells them this she unzips his pants. She is happily surprised to see a big hard cock when she drops his pants. She crawls between his legs and takes as much of his cock as she can into her mouth. As he tit fucks Rachel her partner is working on the straight laced daughter in the kitchen. He charms daddy’s girl Misty, letting the drink take effect. She is so distracted by the fact a man is paying attention to her that she is completely unaware of what is going on in the living room. When Aaron knows that Misty is ready he suggests that they join his mother and her brother in the livingroom. When they enter the living room they find her brother having sex with Rachel she protests but Rachel’s partner quickly establishes control over her. His skills are such that the disorientated Misty finds herself in a state of euphoria. He quickly and smoothly gets her out of her clothes. Before she knows it she finds herself on her knees sucking cock next to her future mother-in-law. Rachel gets on her hands and knees and the son fucks her from behind. Misty is getting the same treatment. She is face to face with Rachel getting plowed from behind. The son is about to cum so Rachel stops and hands him the stock transfer paperwork. He is so focused on blowing his load that he signs the paperwork without reading it. Rachel finishes with the son with a big load on her face. Now she goes to help with Misty who is the key to the plan. She runs her hands over the young woman’s body as she rides Aaron’s cock. Misty is transformed from the quiet diligent daughter into a sex crazed young person by Rachel and her partner. A submissive Misty happily signs over all her stock to Rachel. She continues to ride the cock. Aaron now has her calling him daddy. Rachel lies back and tells Misty to lick her pussy. She jerks him off while licking away. He enters her from behind again. He fucks her until he is ready to cum. Misty gets a cock shoved down her throat as Rachel looks on. Rachel now just needs one more share for outright control of the company. Misty is ready and willing to serve Rachel. She will if necessary seduce her own father to get her mistress that share.

Kelsie walks into the bedroom with just her heels on and she sees her step-mother rubbing her pussy on the bed. Kelsie to get on the bed and let her step-brother fuck her. He has to fuck her before he can fuck his step-mother. Rachel wants to see if she can take it. Anthony is so horny he cannot wait to fuck Kelsiea young hot pussy. He starts fucking her missionary. Kelsie never took a man cock before and complained about it while she was getting fucked. Rachel consoles her that it will feel better once she gets used to it. Rachel orders Anthony to keep fucking his step-sister. Kelsie wanted to please her step-mom and let him continue to fuck her young tight pussy. Then he put her legs on his shoulders and really started to fuck Kelsie. Rachel was sill instructing her to let him fuck her to pay off the rent. Rachel kissed Kelsie and told her what a good girl she was, Then she ordered her step-son to stop fucking Kelsie and start fucking her. you will finish off with me! Rachel spread her legs and her step-son entered Rachela wet pussy his cock is still covered with his sisters pussy juices. His dick slid right in Rachela€™s pussy and he put Rachel legs on his shoulders and fucked her good and hard. Rachel told Kelsie to watch good, watch step-mother take dick baby, this is how to get fucked! Anthony fucked Rachela pussy good and hard until he says he about to cum . Rachel told him to cum on his step-sister’s face. Rachel held her daughters face while he came. Rachel told Kelsie to clean his cock and suck step-mommya juices off her step-brothera cock. Kelsie sucked him clean with some help from Rachel too. Rachel told her brat step-son that this should take care of the rent for the next four months and get the fuck out. she turned to Kelsie and said, you made step-mommy so proud. Now get cleaned up and dressed, there are men we need to seduce.

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